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Combined CDF and DØ Upper Limits on Standard Model Higgs Boson Production in the W+W- Decay Mode

January 25, 2010

L=4.8 fb-1 (CDF) and 5.4 fb-1 (DØ)
(95% C.L. exclusion for SM Higgs with mass mH between 162 and 166 GeV/c2)

Documentation: arXiv:1001.4162 [hep-ex]

This result is a combination of CDF's H→W+W- search, which is documented in arXiv:1001.4468 [hep-ex], and DØ's H→ll+MET Search, which is documented in arXiv:1001.4481 [hep-ex].

All three papers, the CDF, DØ, and Tevatron combination papers, have been published in the February 12, 2010 issue of Physical Review Letters. The citations are listed below:

PRL link to combination paper: T. Aaltonen et al., (CDF and DØ Collaborations), Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 061802 (2010).
PRL link to CDF's H→W+W- paper: T. Aaltonen et al. (CDF Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 061803 (2010).
PRL link to DØ's H→l+l- Plus Missing ET paper: V. M. Abazov et al. (DØ Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 061804 (2010).

The three results are also the subject of a viewpoint article on Physical Review Letters's website.

Further Details: CDF's H→WW and DØ's H→llMET web pages

Responses to concerns about the theoretical modeling of the SM gg→H signal

Note for speakers: for the gg→H production cross section, please cite both D. de Florian and M. Grazzini, arXiv:0901.2427 [hep-ph] and C. Anastasiou, R. Boughezal, and F. Petriello, arXiv:0811.3458 [hep-ph]. Citations for all cross sections used may be found in the papers.

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